Alexis G.


Absolutely flawless job and a fantastic experience with JC Movers!!!

I contacted JC movers via "request a quote" here on Yelp and within seconds...no joke I received an email back from JC the owner.  As a business owner myself I respond back fast to all my customers, so to see this it was refreshing.  JC came out the next day ( I emailed him at 10 pm the following day) to give us an accurate quote as well as how many trucks we needed.  He worked with us getting us the best price for our budget and was so friendly and knowledgeable! We had 3 other moving companies before JC and all were very expensive not to mention they didn't seem like someone I would trust to move my Great Grandma's fine china let alone my entire house.  

The movers arrived the following week to move us from our 2,600 sq ft house to our 3,800 sq ft house.  Julio, Sarah, Hector, Gustavo, Antonio were the best movers hands down we have ever had, and that's even an understatement.  We have moved over 4 times within the last couple years, with each move getting bigger and bigger and let me tell you this move went down smoother than cream cheese on a bagel.  They wrapped every door and corner of rooms with blankets.  Laid down red carpet runners through the whole house (see pictures.)  They took care of all our furniture as if they were packing up their own house.  Not ONE THING got broken, scratched, cracked, dented... nothing!  As many movers we have had this has never happened.  

The entire crew took care of stuff so well. Packed the entire house inside and out within less than 5 hours.  They work together as great team to make sure your stuff gets packed the right way.  Every single person was so sweet and will be the ONLY movers I will ever use.  Moving sucks, it takes forever and is annoying but to find a company that made a move such a flawless experience, was such a blessing to find them.  If you can request Julio, Sarah, Hector, Gustavo, Antonio team... do it, you can thank me later.

We bought the team lunch and kept them hydrated with water and juice both days we were moving and tipped because that's just how we do things.  So just FYI if you are hiring them take care of them, they deserve it. 

Cant speak enough great things about our experience! Keep up the fantastic work guys you've earned it!


Alex A.


Hector and Eduardo did a GREAT JOB today helping us moving.They organized each load in order to optimize the time and took great care of furniture with no damage to the walls.They were very professional and easy to work with.
Highly recommend!!!



Kathleen G.


A+++++++ team!!!! Julio, Jesus, Arturo, and Antonio are amazing!!  They are very professional, kind, respectful, helpful, and most importantly efficient movers.  They're truly amazing. They're careful with your stuff and make sure it's placed in the correct spot when you get to the new location.  I was more than impressed with them. I highly recommend them!!



Roxi T.


The only thing that was a great experience when I sold my house was JC Express Movers. I am eternally grateful for Jessie for accommodating me at the last minute when the buyer was flip flopping with their loan extension that impacted my move out date. As well as time I needed to pack- I must have called Jessie three times to add additional things to have moved out because I was unable at short notice to either sell i.e washer/dryer or move special items myself i.e Washer/dryer. 

I was very reluctant to have my TVs moved but since I ran out of time, I had no choice but to include my 3 large screen TVs to the move. I am so pleased that I did because they were transported very carefully. In fact, nothing was damaged in my move! But what I really liked was the way JC Movers moved my Sleep Number mattress. Another company I used when I moved to Antioch, rolled my mattress and it messed up the internal lining and I had to call Sleep Number to come fix my mattress. But JC Movers covered my mattress, slid it in whole and my mattress worked perfectly after the movers set up my bed!

The movers did came late; however it was because their truck broke down on their way to my house. I really appreciated their lead mover calling me to explain why they were running late. I also got a second call from Jessie  confirming that a new truck had been dispatched to the stranded moving crew and they were on their way. 
When the movers came they were so gracious and apologetic. 

Overall, I  was very impressed on the movers efficiency and stamina because the three men moved me out of my very large 4 bedroom house in 105 Antioch heat weather!! And, still did a pit stop to my storage unit in Richmond, before moving me to my final new home destination- Berkeley.  I was very pleased with my entire moving experience and I highly recommend using JC Movers!



Lisa G.


The best movers I have ever used by far!  Honest, personable, hard working (with a smile on their faces the entire time), and just comfortable to deal with.  The owner was quick to respond, no hidden costs, and an excellent communicator!  The "green" truck was clean and the movers had up-to-date equipment to assist them with moving heavy items up and down stairs quickly.  They wrapped everything and we had no damage whatsoever to our items.  Never once were their any complaints (lots of stairs in my move).  Several times we tried to lift things and they were aware and quick to assist us and take over...very thoughtful!  Thank you JC and to your excellent team of movers: Eduardo, Hector, and Jesus!




Martha C.


This company did a phenomenal job moving my large heavy furniture into my new house.  Extremely professional, efficient and friendly.  They took great care of my things and never knicked, bumped or scraped any walls.  Unbelievable!  Also well priced.  Great guys and unfortunately I forgot the gentlemen names that came out.   I would hire them again and recommend this company highly.



Akshay G.



Easy to see why the company has so many 5 star reviews!  Wonderful experience with JC Express from setting up the move logistics, to the move itself.  The team of Julio, Omar, Luis, Sarah, and Gustavo was absolutely FANTASTIC!  Came on time and got to work right away and even after a 12+ hour move were still as pleasant and cheerful as they were when they came in.  Awesome team and extremely professional.


Kathy R.


JC Movers are the best!  Today Eduardo and Hector took care of my move and they were awesome!  I would give them more stars if it were possible. They were fast, efficient, professional and friendly. I had used JC Movers in the past, and they were so good that I only wanted them when I moved again. Major thanks to Eduardo and Hector today.  This is a great moving company and everyone that I interacted with was top notch.  They take the stress out of moving. Thank you JC Movers!!!!!